Monday, February 22


I'm still waiting..

For that adventure of a lifetime..

To sweep me off my feet and finally, finally be able to say, I lived..

Thursday, September 3


Do you believe that everything in life is balanced?

That for every good thing that you get, you have to give up something else?

It's not what we're supposed to believe in.

But sometimes it feels true, to get mental health, I gave up physical health.
Well, if our lives are truly not destined to be as long as others, won't you live your life to its limits??

And no matter what Mom says, all my health issues, they began in that cursed school.
The one that broke me, that ruined my trust, and gave me so many scars, both mental and pysical.

I still have the scar of that knife wound you gave me A.

Ps: its not good to dwell on the past, but sometimes, even after years, its almost impossible to forgive people who gave you prolonged injuries, even if it was an accident due to gross negligence.

Sunday, August 16


I won't lie and say 2015 was a walk in the park.
The early months were so hard, falling deeper and deeper into the endless cycle of sadness..
Getting more and more hopeless by the day.

In that sense, the things that came to me in June were my biggest blessings. After such a hopeless feat, I could finally say I achieved something by the age of 25.
Something that I truly care about.

25, at least I got a job.

And with that, my life changed 180 degrees, but I am excited to greet a new day, eventhough it is truly tiring a process to adapt to.
Nobody said it would be easy, but this is a challenge I look forward to.

Now if only I could cut out the negative people that keep making me feel bad for joining the company. Its not my fault you hate your job. =(

Tuesday, June 16

Prince Charming

If by chance you're still:

Dreaming of prince charming to sweep you off your feet..
                To take you away to a greater adventure..
                     Bring you flowers and woo your heart..
                               Pamper and love you with all their soul..

Then wake up..
This is the 21st century.

Don't wait for prince charming to make you love life.

But sometimes I still dream.

Monday, March 30


Everything in hindsight seems easier and more managable looking on from our current persective.

The future seems so hard and unknowable in comparison.

But if we could instead look at now from a future prespective, I know we'd be saying don't worry so much, don't sweat it, it'll pass. You'll get through this. And maybe you'd advise yourself to work a little harder, make better choices.

Day to day living is hard, but soon, it'll all just be memories, so just live it sueray, don't spend it worrying and panicing all day everyday.